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Full of flavours, breath-taking views and islands to discover.

Croatia is blessed with a myriad of striking natural scenery as well as diverse cultural heritage, thanks to its position between the Balkans, Central Europe and the Mediterranean Sea. Bordering Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia represents a cultural and geographic crossroads. There are extensive plains in the continental region, mountainous areas in the centre (Lika and Gorski Kotar), and in the west and south, a long, indented, sunny coastline with over a thousand islands (Istria and Dalmatia). Country has 11 Natural parks, 8 National parks and 2 strict nature reserves. 10 properties are inscribed on the UNESCO heritage list. With a thousand sparsely populated islands dotted along its 5.835 km (3.625 miles) length (islands are included), Croatia’s coastline is among the most beautiful in the world.
Explore the Dalmatian and Istrian archipelagos, fertile countryside and picture-postcard villages. Taste some of local cheese, home-made pasta with truffles or fresh fish in a local restaurant. Enjoy dramatic after-dinner sunsets as you relax in a hotel or on a deck with a glass of the famous Croatian wine.


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